Kennewick Dog Bite Lawyer

Kennewick Dog Bite Lawyer

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Dogs are man's best friend. Sometimes, though, man's best friend isn't so friendly, biting out of fear, protection, or even aggression. If you or a loved one has suffered a Washington state dog bite injury, you may need the help of a Kennewick dog bite lawyer. At Defoe Pickett Law Office, we help dog bite victims get compensation for their suffering and loss-and we'd be honored to help you too.

As a dog bite victim, you've suffered great injury and harm likely because of a dog owner's carelessness. Had the owner taken care to control the dog or warn you of the pet's tendencies, you may not be suffering now. Under Washington law you may be able to hold the dog owner accountable for his or her negligence and in turn receive compensation for your injuries and suffering, learn how by contacting Defoe Pickett Law. The Kennewick dog bite lawyers at Defoe Pickett Law Office is dedicated to helping injured victims see justice served and get back on their feet after an accident.

In some states, a dog gets "one free bite," meaning the victim has to prove the dog has been shown to be vicious. However, in Washington state, there is no rule requiring proof of viciousness before a victim can recover for damages.

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