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After a separation, the parent who has primary placement of the child will likely be awarded child support. These payments help cover the cost of raising the child until they turn 18 or graduate from high school. A family law attorney can help you come to an agreement on child support terms.

The Defoe Pickett Law Office cares about you and your situation. We work diligently to review all factors which will affect child support amounts and to help come up with an agreement that fits the best interests of the child and works for the parents. Let us help you through this tough time.

Ensure that your child has the best care possible. Speak with the Defoe Pickett Law Office now to schedule a meeting at our Kennewick, WA office.

Understanding the child support process

When you've never dealt with a divorce or child support before, it can be confusing to handle alone. When you get a divorce and children are present...

  • The courts will determine residential placement of the child
  • The courts will determine the amount of child support that will be issued on a monthly basis


Let a family law attorney guide you through child support the process.

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