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Fight for Custody of Your Child

Call a reliable child custody lawyer serving Kennewick, WA and the Tri-Cities area

Going through a custody battle can be an extremely emotional time. You need to put a focused effort into maintaining custody of your child. Plenty of factors go into the final custody arrangement - make sure you have the right representation to show the judge that you're a fit parent.

Our lawyers can help you with your custody battle

Defoe Pickett Law Office will help you through this tough and emotional time. Our child custody lawyers in Kennewick offer support for families across the Tri-Cities area. Our attorneys are familiar with the factors that go into play to determine child custody. The courts will take the following into consideration before determining sole or shared custody:

1) The child's wishes
2) The parents' wishes
3) The mental and physical health of the parents
4) The relationship the child has with each parent
5) Each parent's employment and income status

If you are fighting for custody of your child, contact Defoe Pickett Law Office today at 509-734-8787.

Third party child custody

In the event that either parents are not capable of caring for the child for whatever reason a relative can apply for third party custodian.